Our name Tuta Silk was not chosen by chance. It was created on the basis of the silkworm, which lives on mulberry trees and feeds on their leaves.

The name “Tuta” is of Georgian origin, which means mulberry. Silk legends can be found in Chinese mythology where the silkworm and thread were magical. One legend says that Huangdi’s (Yellow Emperor’s) wife Leizu was sitting under a mulberry tree drinking tea when a silk cocoon fell from the tree into her cup. When she pulled out the cocoon, it turned into a silk thread, and only the cocoon remained in the cup. The word silk (or abreshumi in Georgian) is of Persian origin. It was first brought to Georgia by King Vakhtang Gorgasali. He learned about silk in India while fighting in the army of Peroz I (the Sasanian king of kings or Shahanshah). The art of working with silkworms and silk fibers has been known to Georgians since the 5th century AD.

Every scarf has a story

Welcome to the world of Tuta Silk.
In 2019, we founded our own company that promotes fine art by printing it on the highest quality natural silk.
Our goal is to restore the lost traditions of silk production in Georgia and revive them in a new modern style. We promote Georgian fine art by printing it on natural silk.
A triumph of colors and prints characterizes our scarves.
The collections are enriched with important collaborations united by a common theme: happiness and love!
Joyful play of colors and luxurious fabrics such as silk and cashmere define scarves, stoles and shawls.
For each collection, Tuta Silk selects different artists who handcraft each piece’s unique motif, and the variety of styles resulting from each individual process is more than impressive.
We create all the details by hand, creating works of art that we are ready to share with you.


Tuta Silk

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Tuta Project DOO Beograd
Ul. Pivljanina Baja 23, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

PIB: 113244187
MB: 21830887

Activity Code: 4791
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